CCL Basics

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is based on the belief that governments will respond to the will of the people, provided we tell them what we want.  CCL trains and empowers volunteers to educate our communities, build relationships with community leaders and influence our members of Congress to take meaningful action on climate change.

Key Resources on CCL Public Website

Key Resources on Volunteer-only Website — CCL Community

  • CCL Glossary
  • Action Teams Page – this is where you can find and connect with the various volunteer-led groups which have a particular area of interest, eg Faith Outreach, Conservative Outreach, Environmental Justice, Business Climate Leaders, etc.
  • Forum – this is where you can ask questions and engage in conversations with other CCL volunteers.
  • Citizens’ Climate University (CCU) – live webinars held most Thursdays at 8pm. All sessions are recorded and available for replay.
  • Resources – compilation of various resources for volunteers, including downloadable materials for tabling and giving presentations.
  • Grasstops Engagement – this is where we track all of the leaders who have signed either the letter calling for action on climate change, or the Carbon Fee and Dividend endorsement letter.

CCL Social Media

CCL Organizational Structure

  • Founder and President – Marshall Saunders
  • Executive Director – Mark Reynolds
  • Advisory Board
  • Governing Board
  • Key Staff
  • Regional Coordinators (You’ll need to scroll down ~2/3 of the page.)
    • Great Lakes region (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin)
  • State Coordinators
    • Help coordinate all of the chapters in the state
    • Elizabeth Dell is Michigan’s coordinator
  • Group Leaders
    • One or more per chapter, facilitate meetings and help organize volunteers.
    • Ginny Rogers is Ann Arbor’s leader
  • Liaisons
    • One for each member of Congress, the main point of contact between CCL and each office
    • Senator Stabenow – Richard Barron
    • Representative Dingell – Ginny Rogers
  • Volunteers – all of us, taking actions, large and small, to create political will!