Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival – 2019

We had a table at one of our favorite events of the year recently, the Earth Day Festival at the Leslie Science Center.  This is an opportunity for us to reach out to youngsters – budding young climate activists, we hope! – as well as to tell their parents about the work that we do.  We gave the kids a chance to express their love for the planet in drawing, and it’s amazing how much they love the opportunity.  (Take a look at the photos below.)  Some of them were real perfectionists, erasing and refining their pictures until they got it just right. We got plenty of new sign-ups and told people about our monthly meetings, and hopefully recruited some new members.

Thanks to Leo Gnatovskiy, Nadine Wang, John Loken, Richard Barron, Ginny Rogers, Shelley Steele, and our newest volunteer, Hannah Halberstam for handling the tabling duties.  And special thanks to Nancy Stoll for putting together some phenomenal new display materials.  Can’t wait until next year’s Festival!

— David Gurk

Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival – 2018

We had a great time at the Earth Day Festival at the Leslie Science Center on Sunday, April 22.  We caught a break from the weather gods, and turnout was quite good.  There were a lot of organizations represented, and we got as much foot traffic as the others.  We gave the kids a chance to draw pictures of what they love about living on earth, and they took full advantage of the opportunity.  Hopefully these kids will grow into climate activists in ten or fifteen years.  (We consider it a long-term investment!) We also distributed organizational information to the adults and added a few names to our email list.  All in all, a fun and worthwhile event.  Thanks to Richard, Peggy, Mary Anne, Judy, and Leo for their great volunteer work.  Also, thanks to Mary G. for stopping by our table, and to Ginny for rescuing us when we were running low on constituent comment forms.

-David G.