Call Congress November 8

On Tuesday, November 14, 500+ CCL volunteers from all across the U.S. will be on Capitol Hill asking Congress to support Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation, a simple, fair and effective national policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

YOU can help amplify our message and demonstrate that the public wants #ClimateAction by calling Congress on Wednesday, November 8. Use this website to get a sample script, phone numbers and log your calls.  RSVP on our Facebook page, or sign up to get text alerts if you want to get a reminder!

Already know your Senators’ and Representative’s phone number?  You can use this sample script:

I’m a constituent and I’m calling about climate change. Would you like my address to confirm I’m a constituent? I want Senator / Representative _____________ to enact Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s carbon fee and dividend proposal. Congress should be moving strongly forward on solving the climate problem, rather than pulling back. This is a very important issue to me because…..[INSERT YOUR REASON]

Thank you for taking my call.

Feel free to use your own message, but please always be respectful.

Let us know how your calls went by sending email to

Thanks for your help!