Pocket Forest at Buhr Park

After exploring different ideas for working locally on CCL’s Healthy Forest policy area, Ann Arbor CCL formed the Tree Town Urban Forest (TTUF) team which is open to anyone in the area with an interest in urban forests. The TTUF team wanted to create a pocket forest within the city as a demonstration project and selected Buhr Park as a great potential location. A special project application was submitted to the City of Ann Arbor Parks Department in late fall 2023 and received formal approval in the spring!

Site preparation of the 50′ x 50′ plot began in May 2024 and planting will take place in the fall. In order to compare different preparation methods, the plot is divided into 3 sections:

  • 50′ x 25′ is deeply tilled with compost, leaves and wood chips mixed into the soil
  • 25′ x 25′ is a layered bed, with water-soaked cardboard, 4 inches of compost + leaves, and 4 inches of wood chips on top of the grass
  • 25′ x 25′ is just 4 inches of wood chips on top of the grass

When planted, the site will contain approximately 400 trees and shrubs of a variety of heights from 40 different native species.