• A Carbon Price is Right: Harnessing the Market to Drive Down Carbon Emissions

  • Call Congress November 8

    On Tuesday, November 14, 500+ CCL volunteers from all across the U.S. will be on Capitol Hill asking Congress to support Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation, a simple, fair and effective national policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. YOU can help amplify our message and demonstrate that the public wants #ClimateAction by calling Congress on […]

  • UM Art Students Create Climate Change Posters

    In Winter 2017, University of Michigan students in Catherine VanVoorhis’ Drawing II class viewed the film, Before the Flood, a documentary produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. In this film, DiCaprio travels to five continents and the Arctic to witness climate change firsthand. The students then did further research about an issue that is featured […]

  • Ann Arbor City Council Unanimously Supports Carbon Fee Dividend Legislation

    Tom Stedman During their meeting on August 21st, 2017 the Ann Arbor City Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting carbon fee and dividend (CFD) legislation. The passing of this resolution represents positive momentum for Citizen’s Climate Lobby whose primary goal is to pass CFD legislation on a federal level. It is also representative of the […]

  • Huron River Day Tabling

    Huron River Day Tabling

    We had beautiful weather and a great turnout for Huron River Day on July 9! Check out all of these photos which show why CCL is working so hard to solve climate change — there are so many things we love and need to protect.

  • Ann Arbor CCL is hosting a Solar Power Hour

    Want affordable solar? Want to know more about Ann Arbor’s Climate Action Plan? Please join the Ann Arbor Citizens’ Climate Lobby as we host representatives from the City of Ann Arbor for a special information session. We’ll hear about the City’s “A2 Solar Club”, a campaign to incentivize solar installations in Washtenaw County by simplifying […]

  • Bipartisan climate caucus is small step to restoring sanity, civility in politics

    By Mark Reynolds They’re shooting congressmen now. That’s the level of insanity we’ve finally reached in our toxic political environment. Our nation prays for the recovery of Rep. Steve Scalise — still in critical condition with life-threatening injuries as of this writing – as well as the others injured in a hail of gunfire from […]

  • Tabling at the Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival

    CCL volunteers had a lot of fun tabling at the Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival at Leslie Science and Nature Center on April 23!  Like last year, we asked participants to respond to one of two statements, “One thing I love on Earth is…” or “We must act on climate change because…”  Here are all […]

  • Statewide CCL Meeting on April 8

    Please join us for a statewide CCL meeting on April 8 in East Lansing! This day-long event is open to anyone interested in furthering national climate change policies, whether you are a seasoned CCL volunteer or have no experience at all with CCL.  Register for the meeting here. Our Climate Advocate Training takes place from […]

  • Guest Post: A Personal Reflection on Climate Change

    The following is a guest post by CCL volunteer Brad Sharp Climate overload. Too much talk. I suggest to anyone reading this, stop now.  This is only an attempt of someone over fifty looking to justify 30 years of what I call Environmental Futurism; fully understanding that human actions are destroying the earth but waiting […]

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